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Tezoro 14 , the 3-day national level techno-managerial fest launching on 21st of February 2014, is one of a kind. Packed with several gems of technical contests, exhibitions, workshops and informal events, Tezoro is TKMCE's very own 'treasure chest' , a collective presentation of several exuberant technical feats.

Tezoro will also serve as a national level technical symposium on 'Engineering As A Service'. In today's world, where engineering colleges are accused of turning out less socially conscious youngsters, the theme could not have been more appropriate. The purpose is to impact the mindsets of young engineers to contribute to social welfare.Filled with debates, lectures and talks, Tezoro will bring up a thorough examination of all the possibilites of using technology and managerial skills to contribute to the upliftment of society.


Our college was founded in 1958, under the reins of the late industrial giant Janab Thangal Kunju Musaliar, after whom the institution is named. Ours is the first private aided institution of Kerala which carries on its mission of imparting quality education and advancing technical excellence among the youth of the country.

What things should I bring to Tezoro?
All participants should have the following items:
1)Valid College ID.
2)Whatever materials and resources required as per individual event rules.

What should I take care of after reaching TKMCE?
1)Contact the registration desk upon arrival to confirm your online registration and obtain the participant card.
2)Registration fee per participant is Rs 200

How many events can I participate in?
There is no limit to the number of events a candidate can participate in.

Oops, I forgot to register for an event. Can I enter on the spot?
Spot registration depends on each event. Informal events have spot registrations on by default, while other events may or may not have it.

Do I get accommodation?
Yes, food and accommodation facilities are provided at the college hostels with all basic amenities at a nominal rate. Since there is limited room, please contact at the earliest ( Shain Mangalath - 9747229009 , Prajith Munapil - 8547278920 ). Please note that preference will be given to those register for the competitions online.

Should I have to pay additional fee for the workshops?
Yes, each workshop will have a fixed registration fee.

  • Student Convener
    Sidarth P Sasi
  • Student Joint Convener
    Niveditha Sai
  • Student Co-ordinator
    Anantha Krishnan Unnithan
  • Registration
    Vishnu R Warrier
  • Program Co-ordinator
    Feral Ahammed
  • Hospitality
    Sonu Jayachandran
  • Sponsorship
    Mohammed Hadi
    • Web Team Co-ordinator
      Aslam Abbas
    • Web Team Co-ordinator
      Shyjal Raazi
    • Web Team Co-ordinator
      Sebastian Thomas

Situated at Karicode, TKMCE just 6 kms from Kollam City.
There are a plethora of ways to get here.

BY ROAD: Take the NH 220/208 from Kollam City in the Kollam-Kottarakkara route. Numerous buses, auto rickshaws and taxis are available from the city.

BY RAIL: The closest major railway station is Kollam Junction. The Kilikollur railway station is right at TKM's doorstep. Passenger trains from Kollam to Kilikollur are available at regular intervals.

BY AIR: The nearest airport is Thiruvananthapuram International Airport, situated 66 km to the south of Kollam. Nedumbassery International Airport at Ernakulam is at a distance of 150 km to the north.


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TEZORO - Engineering as a Service

Today , it's not just skilled engineers the world needs. It needs a certain set of people who are willing to take an extra step. At TKM, we understand this need.

TEZORO is not merely a techno-managerial symposium. The " TEZORO " team has hence taken up the initiative to begin campaigns and events of social importance, which will be launched all over Kerala.

Take a look



    “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country” – John F Kennedy

    'ENGINEERING AS A SERVICE' , the motto of TEZORO identifies the prime need of our country that any professional education acquired is to foster our nation. However these days the talented engineers migrate to other nations of their own accord, attracted by the glitter and glamour of better emoluments and amenities.This 'exodus of professional talent' depletes our nation’s intellectual resources and diminishes its prospects for progress. It’s high time that we curb this flight of talent from our country.

    Here we put forward a panel meet where the initiatives of TEZORO would be personified. Be a part of the exchange of ideas with the goal of creating awareness on the basic motto of TEZORO “Engineering as a service” and to voice your issues and concerns on ‘brain drain’. TEZORO team presents an excellent bench of eminent personalities from diverse fields to converse over these topics.

    Abhai Krishnan A G - 9020453736



    An Initiative that intends to revolutionize the concept of TEZORO and aspires to invoke a competitive spirit among the participating colleges.

    This is an effort by TEZORO to value and give due recognition to even the slightest of efforts on display, made by the participating colleges.To accomplish the ultimate aim of this initiative, a twofold approach is evolved at, one that gives the participating colleges a chance to participate and the second, an opportunity to organize.

    Giving credit for participation by effective quantification, scrutinizing the merit of the organizing and branding skills on display by making use of public perception, this initiative paints itself to be a class apart.

    Ashik Mohammed Nazar - 9745809324



    "Hide not your talents, they for use were made, what's a sundial in the shade? "-Benjamin Franklin

    An engineer begins his journey not from college, but from childhood itself. And there are many a brilliant idea lurking out in our schools, just waiting to be found out. TEZORO opens the door of technical knowledge and engineering skills to school-level students for their outstanding performance in the state and district level science fairs in association with the Kerala State Higher Secondary Educational Board. This initiative provides a platform for budding engineers to bring forth their groundbreaking ideas and have proper technical interactions in a better equipped facility.

    We also provide them with the unique oppurtunity of consulting with experts in the subjects in order to renovate and polish their ideas. This national level initiative intends to discover young visionaries who are waiting for a chance to showcase their enduring technical skills.

    Shuhaib C P - 9995140360



    "I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was service. I acted and behold, service was joy"-Rabindranath Tagore

    The ultimate goal of an engineer is to apply his or her technical skill to bring positive changes to the society. TEZORO and the students of TKMCE unite for this goal, by solving day to day engineering problems of the soceity with ample support and guidance from the teaching faculty, who are stalwarts in their fields. We plan to inaugurate this cell in campus during the fest. Starting by considering the Socio-technical problems of Kollam, we plan to reach out to more parts of the state in coming years. This consultancy, which is absolutely free of cost, cements our social commitment and marks the beginning of a new chapter in the history of our institution.



    "I climbed mountains, crossed oceans, reached the stars in search of the light, only to find out that it was shining brightly way back at home"

    A sad reality of our great nation is that most of the brilliant young minds who are educated here immediately 'flee' overseas in search of better prospects. This 'brain drain' is a serious deterrent in India's progress. So we, the students of TKMCE and the TEZORO team, will be launching a million points of light, into the sky to call out to that 'lost Indian'.

    'Light up Kerala' is an initiative to simultaneously launch thousands of sky lanterns from locations of social importance in all 14 districts of Kerala. This is a message to every Indian, a reminder to let them know that we should not be expending our precious energy for the betterment of some other country while our motherland lies ignored here. The young minds of this nation needs a wake up call, and what does it better than the inspiring sight of a thousand lanterns of hope soar into the sky in unision?

    Arun U - 9656589447



    "The road takes you from home to wild unknowns, from valleys to mountains, and from ignorance to enlightenment"

    In this digital age, everyone is connected, yet no one is. As a nation, we have a history of standing up united against the tyranny of foreign powers. But today, we live in social isolation, an invisible coccoon around each of us, in which no one else matters. This humble initiative from team TEZORO intends to call out to the youth of this state that together, nothing is impossible.

    To prove our point, we will be embarking on an epic journey starting from Thiruvananthapuram, and exploring each of the 14 districts of our state. This is no mere road trip, though. We take to the buisest towns and the most isolated hamlets, propagating the message of "lending a helping hand". We intend to extend our help to any social unrest that we may encounter in the way, taking small, but sure steps in bringing the people of this country closer together. We understand that the advances in technology has driven us far apart, and we ourselves are taking a measure to correct it. The purpose of this initiative is to show the people that if we stand united, no one, or nothing can beat our great nation.

    Minhaj - 9496666148



    If at first, the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it"-Albert Einstein

    Our country boasts the presence of numerous technocrats who had brought revolutions in their respective fields. But for every E.Sreedharan or G.Madhavan Nair, there are thousands of brilliant minds who are stay ignored, unable to get their big idea out into the open. The TEZORO team is up to encourage the countless tech enthusiasts of our nation to come forward with their ideas. IDEA FEST will be an apt rostrum for the growing technocrats to unveil their mental images which could transform the lives of many.

    The major engineering challenges faced by today's soceity will be uploaded in the TEZORO website. The solutions will be evaluated on the basis of their 'service to mankind' factor. This initiative aims to bring to the world ideas and solutions for many unsolved technical mysteries.

    Fasalurahman - 9037313648



    "Before you break out of prison, you must realize you are locked up"

    Despite numerous efforts, the use of drugs and narcotics remain as rampant as ever. With a population exceeding 7.5 crores consuming illicit drugs on a regular basis, of which a staggering 38% are youths, the picture sure is grim. Every other social distress which has gripped our nation can be fought from the outside. However, this ever growing curse has to be fought from the inside.

    TEZORO stands firm in the ideal that only healthy minds can bring change to the world. The goal of this campaign is to mobilize support and inspire people to act against the usage of illicit drugs by increasing the knowledge of its potential negative consequences. We intend to enlighten the soceity, with emphasis on students, about the dangers of addiction and drug consumption. A number of events which are entertainment in genre, but educational in value will be conducted to impart this message to the students.

    Rahul Sreekumar - 9496535575

  • jobfair tkm


    Tezoro 14, presents a unique opportunity to graduate and post graduates from all over Kerala to choose a new employer from a myriad of the best corporates in India.

    This one day mega job fair will be held in TKM College of Engineering on 22nd of February. Recruting agencies across the country will recruit deserving candidates based on their academic and non-academic performances and interviews. Thus an extensive platform of prospects is unwrapped before the potential aspirants.

    Shabeer Ali - 8301026538. 9745436538

    Click here to register.

  • motoreign tkm


    They say the heart is an organ that beats... But for some it's more of a revivng V8 Engine, every time it places itself behind the wheels of a Drive!!

    If you are one of them, get ready to set your heart on a racetrack because we aint gonna stop till you had enough!!

    Get ready to be juiced and be prepared to smell the asphalt!!

    TKM presents....MOTO REIGN

    2 days of unending exoticism ... hours of burning passion .... liters of enthusiasm... and enough wheels to set your wildest dreams on the best ride of your lifetime.

  • edufair tkm


    It is the responsibility of the elders to guide the upcoming generation to show the right path, so that their valuable potential will not be wasted but turned out to be productive deeds.

    We, the TEZORO team, take it as our responsibility to guide our younger ones to the areas of their interest, to the areas where they can be themselves, contributing their potential to their own growth as well as the growth of our country. This, no doubt, will be an attempt to the realization of our aim 'engineering in service', as a service to our society as well as to our nation through the upcoming generation.

    Some of the best career guidance stalls will be installed for the growing generation to make the righteous choice for their higher education and future careers.

  • explode tkm


    It's that time of the year again when the architecture department of TKMCE, Kollam is all set to 'EXPLODE 2014'. Architectural expo, convention trophies, on the spot events,formal and informal events-it's getting better and bigger.

    This is just the tip of the iceberg, be there to witness this architectural extravaganza yourself for you cannot afford to miss this one.

    And you know what? We might need to remind you from time to time, about the other events in our college, because once you step in, you will forget about leaving.

  • tkmexpo tkm


    Its high time that our ideas and creativity outside the boundaries of academics, received a couple of hats-offs. Here at TEZORO's TKM EXPO, we present you the most beneficial platform to know the talents of young budding engineers at TKMCE.

    'Magical Unity' - Justifying the meaning, TEZORO's TKM EXPO exhibits the unified technical skills from all trades of engineering students of TKM COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING; An institution which inspires to dream with innovation.

    Get to know the innovative minds and experience entertainment with a technical edge. Transcending the parochial views of learning. TKM EXPO will exhibit to the masses, the pragmatism of the world that the burgeoning engineers are yet to encounter.


  • passenger car


    One day workshop [7-8 hrs]

    FEES - 1000 per head

    Learn about each and every driving systems involved in automation and get better understanding and grip about automotive systems. TEZORO invites all of you to come and be part of a one day workshop conducted by 'TATA MOTORS AUTHORISED TRAINING CONSULTANTS' .

    You will be learning the basics of each and every automotive parts along with the physical demonstration of many automotive parts ,so that you have the insight of the full working mechanism involved in it.

    CONTACT - Sinu 09526454512

  • crossplatform


    One day workshop [7-8 hrs]

    FEES - 500 per head

    Cross platform mobile application development helps us to develop applications that are not specific to a particular device. PhoneGap is an open source framework that enables to build cross-platform mobile applications using web technologies (HTML, CSS, and Java Script). Any developer with the basic knowledge of HTML, JS ​ & CSS can make a mobile application on Android, ​Iphone, ​ Blackberry, or Windows using phone gap.

    CONTACT - Sharaf 09562636268, Riyas 09605198921

  • bridge make


    One day workshop [7-8 hrs]

    FEES - 2600 per team of maximum two members

    Are you a civil engineering student or architect student? Are you interested in pursuing a career in construction field? TEZORO provides you the platform to learn each and everything about bridge design, fabrication and testing.

    CONTACT - Abhiroop 09746143166, Bilal 9037172912

  • Sri. Rishi Raj Singh
  • Dr. Tessy Thomas
  • Mr. G Madhavan Nair
  • Mr. George Koshy

Tezoro 14 , the 3-day national level techno-managerial fest launching on 21st of February 2014 at TKM College of Engineering, is one of a kind. Packed with several gems of technical contests, exhibitions, workshops and informal events.